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My letter to the Globe and Mail

September 11, 2011

Dear Editor,
This piece by Michael Ignatieff was exceptional and a shining example of how we as a Canadian electorate let slip through our fingers a public figure who has the ability to boldly articulate social problems as they really are. I might only add two other examples that stood out for me and which probably complement Mr. Ignatieff’s main assertion. The first has to do with the harm to our civil rights in Canada. Notwithstanding the disgusting deportation of Maher Arar to Syria, the subsequent RCMP raid of Ottawa Citizen reporter Juliet O’Neill’s residence in 2004 stood as a shocking example of what happens when our sovereign (as seen through its agreement in the Charter) does not represent the people’s interest. In a similar instance, in 2010 at the G8/G20 conference, we witnessed the worst of the police state when the Toronto Police Force blatantly beat down its own people in the streets and were followed by our leading public officials responding as if no civil rights abuses took place. The second has to do with the rise of the neo-conservative movement and the ultimate oxymoron of having a government not wanting to really fully govern. This speaks most particularly to the right’s tendency to ignore science, which we see with regards to climate change, continued asbestos exports, the silencing of scientists, and even the belief in creation over evolution.
Ultimately what we had with this essay was the beginning of a great discussion by Ignatieff and hopefully an argument that allows our fellow citizens to reflect hard about what this past decade has meant to Western history.
Thanks Globe and Mail.

Simon Whitehouse
Ottawa, Ontario


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